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  Hekotek delivers wood pellet mill equipment to Moelven in Sweden
[Jan 5, 2024]

Hekotek AS to supply wood pellet mill equipment to the Moelven Valåsen production unit located in Karlskoga, Sweden.

The new complete factory, with a production capacity of 80,000 tons of wood pellets per year, uses sawing residues from the existing sawmill as raw material, both sawdust and wood shavings. Erecting of this pellet mill is another big step towards more rational use of sawing residues and increasing the share of biofuels.

The leading supplier of the equipment of this establishment is Hekotek AS. The raw material of the production is dried with a belt dryer supplied by M¨¹hlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen GmbH, and the wood pellets are pressed with three CPM pellet presses. Finished products are stored in silos, from where they are then loaded onto transport vehicles for delivery to the buyers of the products.

According to the schedule, the start-up of the new factory is planned for the second half of 2024.