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  Arbor Wood Co. expands manufacturing capacity with strategic acquisition of EcoVantage LLC
[Jan 8, 2024]

Arbor Wood Co., a leading US manufacturer of thermally modified wood products, is excited to announce the successful acquisition of EcoVantage, LLC, a company who is also a leading domestic manufacturer of thermally modified wood products. This strategic transaction reflects Arbor Wood Co.¡®s commitment to expanding its capacity and strengthening its leadership position in the industry. EcoVantage, LLC, has decades of experience that aligns seamlessly with Arbor Wood Co.¡¯s vision of providing environmentally responsible, premium-quality natural wood products in response to the fast-growing demand for sustainable building materials.

¡°The EcoVantage, LLC, transaction is a significant milestone for Arbor Wood Co. - we are investing in a company that shares our passion for sustainably sourced and domestically manufactured products,¡± said Jon Heyesen, CEO of Arbor Wood Co.

Heyesen continued, ¡°The combined expertise and resources of both companies will create a powerful force in the domestic thermally modified wood sector. We will increase our production capacity, enhance our research and development capabilities, and ultimately provide our customers with more options to use premium thermally modified natural-wood products in their projects.¡±

Arbor Wood Co. and EcoVantage, LLC, are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for their customers, suppliers, and employees throughout this transaction process.

For more information about Arbor Wood Co and its products, please visit www.arborwoodco.com. For inquiries related to this acquisition, please contact Andrew Ellingson at andrew@arborwoodco.com.

SOURCE: arborwoodco.com