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  Unilin Introduces PFAS-Free Waterproof Coating Formulation
[Jan 9, 2024]

Waregem, Belgium, January 8, 2023 - Unilin Technologies takes a significant stride towards durability by introducing the first PFAS-free formulation for waterproof coatings, aligning with forthcoming bans on harmful chemicals such as PFAS (fluorine) in products in the EU and US market, starting in 2025.

Unilin Technologies has devoted extensive research and development efforts to create different coating versions, each having their own distinct benefits. This research results in a comprehensive patent portfolio existing out of not only the broad coverage on the use of impregnation agents on specific HDF boards (US 11,739,537), but also protecting specific components in the coatings (US 11,473,315), as well as different application methods (US 11,746,537).

The PFAS-free Unicoat version, which will also be available through Uniliní»s partners PTS and Schiele Maschinenbau, stands as a sustainable and responsible choice, reflecting Unilin Technologies' ongoing commitment to innovation and eco-conscious solutions.