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  Wood-Mizer Introduces Entry Level Portable Sawmills
[Jan 10, 2024]

Wood-Mizer has introduced two new entry level portable band sawmills, the LX50START and LX50SUPER models.

The LX50START and LX50SUPER portable sawmills are designed for hobbyists who want to saw their own lumber and slabs for buildings, fencing, furniture, and other projects with minimal investment. Introduced as the lowest priced Wood-Mizer portable sawmills ever, the LX50START and LX50SUPER boast premium quality features.

The LX50START and LX50SUPER portable sawmills feature the ability to saw 26-inch diameter hardwood and softwood logs into boards and slabs with a 23-½-inch width of cut and 8-inch depth of cut. Sawing capacity is maximized with the rectangular throat design that provides full width sawing at any cutting depth. In addition, longer logs can be sawn with optional modular bed extensions and no practical limit.

Packed with performance-enhancing features, both models include reliable KOHLER gasoline engines, high-performance blade guide rollers, gravity-fed blade lubrication, quick up/down saw head, and quick-set log handling.

The LX50 has a starting price of $2,995. It features a premium steel frame, laser-cut steel bed, diagonal bed crossbars for additional stability, and more.

The LX50SUPER portable sawmill, starting at $3,995, includes multiple upgrades for better sawing performance and operation, including a heavier-duty bent steel sawmill frame, more powerful engine, longer sawing length, bed leveling feet, heavier-duty side supports, extra log clamp, and more.

For more information or to order, visit www.woodmizer.com or contact a local Wood-Mizer representative.