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 HOMEE AI to showcase 'first AI interior designer' at CES 2024
[Jan 16, 2024]

LAS VEGAS ¡ª Homee AI, a supplier of A.I. solutions for interior design and furniture retailing, introduced what it calls the world¡¯s first A.I. interior designer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 this week.

¡°Our vision is that everyone can enjoy the fun of designing with artificial intelligence and create their own ideal living-space,¡± said Kenny Du, founder and CEO. ¡°Homee AI has launched cloud-based subscription A.I. software-as-a-service, and its corporate clients include furniture manufacturers, real estate developers and interior design firms.¡±

The new software allows users to the camera on their smartphone and use it to look around whatever room they wish to redesign. The A.I. scans the room in 3D, learning its dimensions and current layout and design. Users can then remove, rotate or shift around their own furniture simply by clicking on it, and the A.I. will generate a new image, keeping the room¡¯s measurements in mind.

It is widely declared that, HOMEE AI has unveiled the world¡¯s first spatial AI solution using advanced technologies such as AI, deep learning, 3D SLAM, and SfM. This groundbreaking innovation was showcased at global tech events like London Tech Week and VIVA Tech in Paris.

At these events, HOMEE AI presented its generative AI solution that revolutionizes spatial planning and interior design. By creating digital twins of real spaces and populating them with 3D furniture models, HOMEE AI¡¯s cutting-edge technology is propelling the home industry into a new era. European media outlets were particularly captivated by this innovative solution, with numerous interviews conducted by media from the UK, France, and other European and Asian countries.

HOMEE AI, a trademark of RICH International Group Co., Ltd., provides the world¡¯s first ¡°AI-as-a-Service¡± spatial planning solution. Their spatial AI technology completely transforms the business model of home design and furniture retail. With real-time object recognition and classification technology exclusively developed by HOMEE AI, furniture size measurement becomes more accurate, simplifying inventory management, classification, and sales for home furnishings brands. The company enables people to visualize spatial data instantly on any mobile device while integrating e-commerce services and logistics management systems.
By facilitating the digital transformation of the home furnishings industry, HOMEE AI delivers unprecedented convenience, accuracy, efficiency while striving to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

The deduction, HOMEE AI¡¯s unveiling of the world¡¯s first spatial AI solution using advanced technologies is set to revolutionize the home industry.