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 Swedish roundwood prices increased in 2023
[Jan 24, 2024]

In 2023 the roundwood prices on delivery timber in Sweden increased for sawlogs by 12% and for pulpwood by 37% in comparison to 2022, according to the Swedish Forest Agency.

The price on sawlogs refers to annual average prices for sawlogs of pine and spruce. Regionally there are some slight differences regarding the development of prices on sawlogs. During 2023 the prices on sawlogs in Svealand increased by 14% in comparison to 2022 while the prices in Norra Norrland increased by 10%.

The roundwood prices on pulpwood refers to annual average prices for pulpwood of pine, spruce, and birch. Regionally there are some differences regarding the pulpwood prices. During 2023, in large parts of the country, the pulpwood prices rose by more than 30%, most in Svealand by 51% and least in Norra Norrland by 25%.

The volume of delivery purchase roundwood, which the statistics are based on, has decreased by more than half during the last 20 years, both regarding sawlogs and pulpwood. Delivery purchase represents a small share of the total sales of roundwood. The volume of sawlogs and pulpwood included in the statistics amounts to approximately 2.4 million cubic meters solid volume under bark.

Continued increase also during Q4

Just as the Q3 in 2023 prices on both sawlogs and pulpwood of delivery timber continued to increase. Prices on sawlogs increased by almost 6% during the Q4 in comparison to the Q3 2022. The largest increase for sawlog prices were in Södra Norrland by and Svealand by 9% while the increase in Norra Norrland was 4%. In Götaland the prices on sawlogs increased by 7%. The price on pulpwood increased by 2% in the entire country during the Q4 in comparison to the Q3 2023.

Source: Swedish Forest Agency