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 Russian producers continue to report consistently high MDF/HDF sales
[Jan 29, 2024]

As of late December 2023, WhatWood estimates the Russian output of MDF/HDF and fiberboard in 2023 at 3.8 million m³ (+7% YoY), as reported in the monthly price review Market of Wood-Based Panels in Russia. This performance will be adjusted after the financial year is closed and producers refine their performance indicators.

Throughout the year, there was a high competition in the furniture segment between MDF/HDF and particleboard producers.

The situation in the MDF/HDF segment is consistent: the demand remains high. Producers keep reporting consistently high sales and expect the current condition with the demand exceeding the supply to continue at least until the end of the current year. To summarize the annual plan vs. actual performance, ¡°the sales results surpass our earlier expectations,¡± a major producer says.

Source: WhatWood