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 Flooring company Bjelin collaborates with Fiskarhedenvillan for better reach
[Jan 29, 2024]

Flooring company Bjelin and house supplier Fiskarhedenvillan have entered a forward-looking partnership. The collaboration means that house builders through Fiskarhedenvillan can choose high-quality, hardened wood floors from Bjelin to create stylish and environmentally conscious homes.

Made with the revolutionary Woodura technology, developed by Bjelin¡¯s sister company Välinge Innovation, these wood floors are three times stronger than traditional wood floors and more durable. Fiskarhedenvillan house builders can now choose from fifteen different hardened wood floors, all of which are also equipped with a leakproof floor lock, making the floors even more durable.

¡°We are proud to be a selected flooring supplier for one of the largest providers of small houses in the Nordic region,¡± says Bjelin¡¯s Country Manager for Sweden, Fredrik Hammarsten. ¡°Together with Fiskarhedenvillan, we want to offer house builders good quality products and inspire them to live sustainably. Our floors have been created with care for raw materials, resources and people, and they will last for generations.¡±

¡°We are very pleased with the cooperation with Bjelin¡±, says Joakim Kuusiniemi, Supply Chain Manager at Fiskarhedenvillan. ¡°Our business concept is to develop the market¡¯s most affordable and site-built quality houses, and it benefits our customers that we can offer them Bjelin¡¯s durable hardened wood floors.¡±

The standard options of hardened wood floors that Fiskarhedenvillan¡¯s customers can choose from feature the Nordic ecolabel Svanen, which means they¡¯re tested for a good indoor environment. Bjelin¡¯s hardened wood floors also ensure more flooring from less raw material, which is good for the environment, the climate and homes.

Source: bjelin.com