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VMG Lignum Construction Launches Pioneering Sustainable Construction Factory in Europe
[Feb  7, 2024]

                VMG Lignum Construction Launches Pioneering Sustainable Construction Factory in Europe

VMG Lignum Construction starts its sustainable construction factory in the Baltic region, aiming to produce €150 million worth of engineering timber materials annually. The factory, one of the few in Europe, aligns with European green initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote efficient, sustainable construction.

VMG Lignum Construction, a forerunner in sustainable construction in the Baltic region, has initiated operations in their pioneering factory, one of the rare few in Europe. Nestled in the Akmenė Free Economic Zone in Lithuania, the €100 million facility is projected to generate €150 million worth of structural engineering timber materials annually. Target markets encompass Scandinavia, North America, Australia, and major European destinations.

Production Capacity and Sustainable Goals
The factory has the capability to produce a diverse range of engineered timber products. These include 120,000 cubic meters of laminated veneer lumber, 15 million meters of I-joists, and 200,000 cubic meters of structural particle boards per year. These engineered timber materials are designed to meet the loftiest sustainability standards and bolster the advancement of the green construction technology industry.

Impact on Green Construction & Future Plans
Sigitas Paulauskas, the sole investor and shareholder of VMG Group, emphasizes that the factory's operations will spur the growth of sustainable and climate-friendly construction. This includes new architectural projects and panelized serial renovations. Future expansion plans are in the pipeline, including the addition of sustainable building structures like prefabricated wall and ceiling panels.

Aligning with European Green Initiatives
The initiative is in sync with the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus initiative, both of which prioritize timber construction. The objective is to curtail carbon emissions and energy use, while simultaneously enhancing efficiency in the building industry. The European market for timber-based multi-storey buildings is burgeoning, with an approximate 8% annual growth.

VMG Group, the entity operating the factory, supervises 20 companies with a workforce of over 3,000 employees and exports to over 30 countries. The Group has made significant investment ventures in Lithuania's Akmenė FEZ, including a €150 million chipboard factory and an €80 million cabinet furniture factory.

Source:  bnnbreaking.com