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  Austria: Outlook for the timber market in February 2024

[Feb 8, 2024]

In Lower Austria, despite the weakening construction industry, demand for round sawn timber is on the rise.

Quantities made available are transported quickly. Prices have risen and are between € 98 and € 108 per FMO for the leading spruce A/C 2b+ assortment. In Lower Austria, a slight market revival can be observed for pine. Larch continues to maintain its price level. Oak is still in demand on the hardwood sawlog market. This is reflected in the volume delivered at the Lower Austrian timber auction. The situation on the industrial round timber market is relaxed and demand is good. Stocks in the board, pulp and paper industry are consistently high. The energy wood market is receptive and offered quantities are being accepted without any problems.

Source: noe.lko.at