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Italy sees a modest uptick in mechanical wood pulp imports amidst global supply shifts
[Feb  16, 2024]

In August 2023, Italy marked a modest increase in its mechanical wood pulp imports, showcasing a slight yet positive movement in the industry. The country imported 2.4 thousand tons, showing a 5.3% increase compared to previous periods, signalling a recovery for the second month in a row after experiencing a decline. This trend, however, contrasts with the broader picture where the overall import levels have seen a noticeable contraction.

Despite the fluctuating import volumes throughout the year, with a peak in December 2022 reaching 11 thousand tons, the momentum seemed to taper off from January to August 2023. The value of these imports also reflected a similar pattern, totalling $1.4 million in August 2023, according to IndexBox estimates.

Germany faced declines

A closer look at Italy's mechanical wood pulp trade reveals a diverse range of suppliers, with Croatia leading the pack. Croatia supplied 1.7 thousand tons, accounting for 70% of Italy's total imports, significantly outpacing the second-largest supplier, Sweden, which contributed 636 tons. This dominance by Croatia is a clear shift in Italy¡¯s import dynamics, even as the monthly growth rate of volume from Croatia averaged 2.2%.

On the financial front, Croatia also emerged as the top supplier in value terms, with $945K, making up 70% of Italy's imports. Sweden followed with $363K, claiming a 27% share. This period saw a modest average monthly rate of growth in value from Croatia, while Sweden and Germany faced declines.

Notable spikes

The pricing landscape for mechanical wood pulp also presented intriguing insights. By August 2023, the price per ton in Italy stood at $568, marking a 3.8% decrease from the previous month. However, over the year from August 2022 to August 2023, prices saw an average monthly increase of 2.4%, with a notable spike in October 2022. Sweden commanded the highest price at $570 per ton, while Germany offered the most competitive rate at $500 per ton, reflecting the diverse cost structures across suppliers.

This nuanced growth in Italy's mechanical wood pulp imports reflects broader trends in the global supply chain and pricing dynamics. While Croatia and Sweden emerge as key players, the varied growth rates and pricing strategies among suppliers underscore the complexity of the global pulp market. Italy's modest uptick in imports, amidst these shifts, highlights its ongoing adjustments to meet industry demands and navigate the intricate web of international trade relations.

Source: Indexbox