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G-M Wood Products Champions American Manufacturing with Major Expansion in Newaygo, Michigan
[Feb 23, 2024]

G-M Wood Products in Newaygo was awarded a $137,500 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation as part of an expansion that's expected to include the hiring of 25 new employees.

Explore the transformative $8.6 million expansion project by G-M Wood Products in Newaygo, Michigan, and its implications for American manufacturing. Learn how this initiative is redefining efficiency, quality, and community engagement.

In the heart of Newaygo, Michigan, a notable transformation is underway. G-M Wood Products, a pivotal player in the wood components industry since 1987, is embarking on an $8.6 million expansion project that not only underscores the resurgence of American manufacturing but also promises to bring a new wave of employment and technological advancement to the region. This initiative, bolstered by a significant grant and local government incentives, marks a pivotal moment for the company and the community it has called home for decades.

The Expansion: A New Chapter Begins

At the core of this ambitious project is the construction of a 25,000-square-foot facility, designed to seamlessly integrate with G-M Wood Products' existing operations. This expansion is not merely about scaling up; it's a strategic move aimed at relocating certain manufacturing processes from overseas and out of state back to Michigan soil. The benefits are manifold: improved product control, shorter production times, and notably, reduced production costs. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also strengthens the company's commitment to quality and responsiveness in serving its customers.

Supported by a $137,500 grant from the Michigan Business Development Program, the expansion is a testament to the potential the state sees in G-M Wood Products. The decision to expand in Newaygo, chosen over alternative sites in Georgia, speaks volumes of the company's loyalty to its roots and its belief in the local talent pool. This expansion is expected to create 25 new jobs, adding to the 139-strong workforce currently employed in Michigan, highlighting the company's role as a significant employer in the region.

Community and Technology at the Heart of Growth

The city of Newaygo is backing this venture with a 50 percent property tax abatement, a move that underscores the community's support for G-M Wood Products' growth and future investment in the area. This gesture of support is not just about fostering economic growth; it's a recognition of the company's long-standing contribution to the community and its potential to drive further development.

Central to this expansion is the adoption of automated manufacturing technology. By incorporating new technology acquired both domestically and internationally, G-M Wood Products is set to redefine what it means to manufacture in the USA. This commitment to innovation is also a commitment to the workforce, with the company dedicated to upskilling its employees and fostering internal growth opportunities. In an era where automation often sparks fears of job displacement, G-M Wood Products stands as a beacon of how technology and human talent can coalesce to create a stronger, more resilient manufacturing base.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Manufacturing in Michigan

The expansion of G-M Wood Products in Newaygo is more than a local success story; it's a microcosm of the broader resurgence of manufacturing in the United States. By bringing manufacturing processes back to American soil, the company is not just betting on its future but also on the future of American manufacturing. With a clear vision for growth and a strong foundation in community and technological advancement, G-M Wood Products is poised to set new benchmarks in the wood components industry.

The implications of this expansion extend beyond the immediate boost to the local economy and job market; they signal a renewed confidence in the growth of automated manufacturing in the U.S. As G-M Wood Products embarks on this new chapter, its journey offers valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing American manufacturing today. With a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and community, the company's expansion in Newaygo is a bellwether for the industry's future, promising a new era of manufacturing excellence and economic vitality in Michigan.

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