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Mass timber construction trend makes its way to Cincinnati
[Feb 26, 2024]

Cincinnati Public Radio's new headquarters marked its topping out as the first mass timber building in the city

CINCINNATI (Cincinnati Business Courier) - Doug Steimle, principal at Schaefer Inc., has long been known as ¡°the wood guy.¡±

The nickname stemmed from Steimle¡¯s expertise in the light-frame wood construction. But the benefits of using light-frame wood ¨C cost-friendliness and the ability to fabricate off-site ¨C are countered by problems constructing taller buildings.

Wood shrinks. And the taller you build with wood, the more it shrinks, Steimle said, creating a ripple effect of issues on a project.

In 2010, Steimle learned about mass timber. It boasts many of the same benefits as light-frame wood, while offering a simple solution: Mass timber can be pre-shrunk. It can be solid wood timber or engineered wood. It¡¯s commonly used for wall, ceiling or roof panels.

Steimle said mass timber solves the issue of going tall with wood.

It¡¯s taken some time for mass timber to take off in the region.

But now, two of the city of Cincinnati¡¯s first mass timber buildings are underway. Steimle sees big possibilities for the material.

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