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Germany: Oak timber exports fall sharply in 2023
[Feb 29, 2024]

Oak timber exports fall sharply
Exports of oak sawn timber fell by 39% to 72,000 m3 in 2023. This reinforces the downward trend of the previous year. The Netherlands remains the most important buyer, with a drop of 17% to 15,000 m3. Denmark (9000 m3) also declined.

Exports of oak logs on the decline
In 2023, exports of oak roundwood fell by 4% to 124,000 cubic metres. At 55,000 cubic metres, 8% more than in the previous year went to China, by far the most important destination country. Denmark remained in second place despite a decline of 11 % to 14,000 cubic metres.

Germany: Pessimism among hardwood sawmillers somewhat reduced
The business climate among hardwood sawyers did not deteriorate any further in February 2024. Most of them rate the current situation as poor, while their view of the future is slightly less pessimistic than in the previous month.

Germany: Softwood sawmillers are less negative about the future
The improvement in the current situation of German softwood sawyers in January was short-lived. In February, just under 20% again rated their current situation as poor. The others found it adequate.