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Kalesnikoff to build new mass timber mill in B.C.
[Mar 11, 2024]

Kalesnikoff site in West Kootenays, B.C. Photo: Annex Business Media.

Kalesnikoff Mass Timber is pleased to announce the ongoing growth of its product offerings, services and team through a new, third facility and product lines; continuing to secure Kalesnikoff¡¯s leadership and innovation in meeting evolving and expanding construction industry needs.

This new initiative will further enhance the value-add benefits of the company¡¯s existing supply of exceptional local timber, harvesting operations, and manufacturing facilities and services. It will create up to 90 new jobs on completion, and ongoing benefits for the local economy and Kalesnikoff¡¯s existing highly skilled and dedicated employee team.

New and expanded products and services will include modular construction, prefabricated mass timber and light frame components, and custom installation-ready products to meet customers¡¯ needs. It will also increase Kalesnikoff¡¯s glue laminated timber capacity. All will complement the ongoing offering of existing Kalesnikoff products and will be used for walls, flooring and full modular construction mass timber projects.