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Modus Enters into a Partnership with Canadian furniture giant
[Mar 13, 2024]

Teknion, a Canadian furniture giant, and Modus, the UK-based well-known furniture manufacturer, have entered into a strategic partnership.

Teknion said it has a history of building strategic partnerships that diversify its product offerings and draw on the unique strengths of its partners. Through a ¡°powerful sustainability narrative,¡± Modus has earned an industry-leading reputation within the UK. It is the first British manufacturer to become a Teknion alliance partner and its manufacturing facility in Somerset further enhances Teknion¡¯s global supply chain capabilities.

Teknion, the Ontario-based company with locations around the world, is a FDMC 300 listed company, ranking #25. In addition to Modus, Teknion has several strategic partners, including Punt Mobles, a Spanish furniture company that has products in Teknion's showroom; Cisco, a strategic partner helping customers create healthy workspaces; CNM and CSR Eco Solutions, which are Teknion's logistics and social enterprise partners; and ANEW and CSR ECO Solutions that provide an end of life strategy for their products.

UK based furniture maker Modus is the first British manufacturer to become a Teknion partner and this new venture enables both parties to expand their global presence and localise their manufacturing capabilities. The firms say this strategic approach will help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its products for the UK, European, and North American markets, while at the same time driving sales.

Established in 2000 by Jon Powell and Ed Richardson, Modus will continue to operate as an independent company and maintain its Somerset manufacturing facility. Both Modus and Teknion share a similar focus on design quality, both collaborating with some of the world¡¯s leading names including, PearsonLloyd, CKR, and Patrick Norguet.

Modus has been a leading figure in the British furniture manufacturing renaissance. Having built a formidable portfolio of international designs, Modus went on to forge a reputation as one of the UK¡¯s strongest sustainability voices. Recently certifying as a B Corporation, Modus will continue to operate as an independent company, retaining its own brand and servicing its dealer network whilst expanding its international reach.

¡°We are really excited about this new venture,¡± said Modus Managing Director, Jon Powell. ¡°Our companies share an entrepreneurial spirit with a long history of working with some of the world¡¯s leading designers. Design has always been central to our philosophy, and we are very happy to be partnering with a global manufacturer that understands the value of great design.¡±

¡°Teknion has a significant global presence, and we expect to see the partnership drive strong growth for Modus¡±, says Powell. ¡°For Teknion, our portfolio meets the demand for a softer, more inclusive, and collaborative workplace. We are very selective in our strategic partnerships and Modus shares our high standards for design, quality, craft, and sustainability,¡± says David Feldberg, President and CEO of Teknion. ¡°A passion for design connects Modus to Teknion and their focus on social and collaborative collections makes them a natural fit. It¡¯s exciting to be welcoming Modus into the Teknion family.¡±

Source:  workplaceinsight.net