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TimberHP¡¯s new TimberBatt helps answer national shortage of construction insulation
[Mar 15, 2024]

TimberHP's TimberBatt being installed into walls.

Made in the USA: TimberHP adds thermal, fire, and acoustic batt insulation to its line of wood fiber insulation products.

As homebuilders and developers respond to a national housing crisis, they find product shortages, now with fiberglass and mineral wool insulation, hindering their momentum. Maine-based TimberHP is countering this lack of supply with the launch of TimberBatt, a high-performance, press-fit cavity insulation for residential and light-commercial construction.

TimberBatt manufacturing starts with wood chips left over from lumber production and sustainable forestry operations. This abundant, renewable feedstock is steamed, mechanically refined, and then blended with borate to create wall, floor, and ceiling insulation that resists mold and guards against fire (ASTM E84 Class A).

¡°Dry-process wood fiber insulation has been produced in Europe for over 20 years and accounts for $1 billion in sales annually in the EU,¡± said Joshua Henry, TimberHP President and CEO. ¡°The technology and formulation used to create TimberBatt is well established. We¡¯re just the first to make this type of insulation in North America.¡±

Source: prnewswire.com