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Green LOOP pallets to be RFID tagged in smart approach to moving materials
[Mar 19, 2024]

In an industry first for UK construction, The Pallet LOOP today announces that each reusable green pallet it produces and puts into the sector will be fitted with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag ¨C a move that is set to generate huge amounts of data about the movement of pallets and associated building materials nationwide as they pass through the supply chain.

Equipping each of its pallet with an RFID tag, containing a small chip, will give The Pallet LOOP the ability to scan pallets in and out of its production and collection sites nationwide. For The Pallet LOOP, this investment will give the business accurate, up to date information about the number of pallets issued to customers and, more importantly, collection and recovery rates. Crucially, for users of The Pallet LOOP, the information will also prove invaluable ¨C revealing fascinating insights about the financial and carbon savings they are achieving. Long-term, all building products users through the construction supply chain could access information about pallet and associated product dwell times, setting them on a course to achieving greater efficiencies.

As part of its offer, The Pallet LOOP provides all its customers with access to a special reporting platform, where they can view and download information about the number of pallets returned and the money saved on collections versus disposal via a skip. The system also provides information about the amount of carbon saved and trees repurposed, which can be used in sustainability reporting. This data can be automatically e-mailed to customers or can be generated manually ¨C depending on requirements.

The Pallet LOOP¡¯s RFID technology is being supplied by MiTEQ ¨C a specialist business providing fully integrated automation and tracking solutions using RFID technology. The Pallet LOOP has ordered more than a million tags for the circular economy pallets it is producing, which are due to hit the building materials supply chain in the coming months.

MiTEQ, one of Britain¡¯s fastest growing companies, are specialists in asset location and management tracking with over 30 years of experience enabling businesses to efficiently manage and track their assets and inventory through the power of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology by providing customer-centric technology expertise and operational guidance. MiTEQ¡¯s unique innovation process results in creating bespoke solutions that significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce losses. Along with significant experience in Transport & Logistics, MiTEQ work across a range of industries from tracking retail stock and inventory to supporting field service operations for the some of the largest energy & utilities companies. MiTEQ support the end to end design, development and implementation of bespoke asset management and tracking solutions.

Further information about when The Pallet LOOP¡¯s green pallets will enter the construction market will be announced. When The Pallet LOOP¡¯s circular economy pallets enter the building materials supply chain, there will be a PayBack of up to £4 available for every green pallet put back into the LOOP by registered companies.

Source: spnews.com