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 Vancouver advances mass timber adoption through new incentives
[Mar 24, 2024]


Vancouver is ramping up its commitment to sustainable construction with a new set of incentives aimed at promoting mass timber buildings. These incentives, developed through collaboration with stakeholders, will be closely monitored and adjusted based on real-world feedback over the next two years.

Among these benefits is a new rezoning incentive that will offer additional height and floor area for mass timber buildings in the following types of buildings:

- Buildings in areas that allow 8 to11 storeys can qualify for two additional storeys;
- Buildings in areas that allow 12 or more storeys can qualify for three additional storeys;

A new incentive in the Zoning & Development By-law will see an increase in the permitted height for mass timber, along with additional support at the pre-application stage.

Mass timber, a product of B.C.s thriving industry, offers structural integrity with lower embodied emissions compared to concrete. These emissions, generated during material production and transportation, are significantly reduced by using sustainably sourced wood. Vancouver aims to cut embodied carbon emissions in construction materials by 40 per cent by 2030, while fostering local economic growth and sustainable practices.

Mass timber is the building material of the future, and were thrilled that Vancouver and B.C. are at the forefront of this movement, said Mayor Ken Sim. Its a game-changer, offering significant environmental benefits by reducing emissions compared to typical concrete buildings. Its not only affordable and safe, but stands strong against fires and earthquakes. Embracing eco-friendly materials like mass timber isnt just responsible C its a boost for our local economy, creating jobs right here in our community.

:  constructioncanada.net