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 MoistTech introduces efficient IR3000-W Series Moisture Sensors
[Mar 25, 2024]

MoistTech Corp., one of the global leaders in moisture measurement and control, welcomes innovation for exceptionally accurate and reliable moisture analysis of wood products. It brings the IR3000-W series moisture sensors featuring cutting-edge NIR (Near Infrared) technology, that efficiently conducts moisture analysis of wood products, including those used in bioenergy production.

The amount of moisture in wood products is a critical concern of the forest industry because excess moisture can have a large impact on final product quality, production, and energy efficiency. In addition, the IR3000-W reduces fire and explosion risk, prevents board press explosions, offers precise dryer control, and monitors blending for control of moisture and resin in wood products.

The IR3000-W is particularly relevant for bioenergy production. By providing precise moisture analysis, the sensor helps optimize the moisture content of wood biomass, pellets, and chips used in bioenergy processes. This optimization not only improves the quality of bioenergy products but also enhances energy efficiency. With real-time moisture measurement and control, bioenergy producers can make immediate adjustments to their processes, leading to higher yields and reduced fuel costs.

The MoistTech state-of-the-art near-infrared technology achieves unparalleled accuracy, delivering true, repeatable results year after year with little or no maintenance. Pre-calibrated in the factory with customer samples, the IR3000-W is guaranteed to never drift over time or need recalibration. Other technologies necessitate monthly or yearly calibrations that incur costs and result in downtime. Calibrations for up to 50 different products or product variations can be stored in each IR3000-W sensor.

Moreover, the accuracy of the IR3000-W is unaffected by most material variations such as height and color and by ambient temperature and lights, unlike competing technology. To ensure the most accurate moisture reading, MoistTech software automatically compensates for small gaps, inert material, foreign objects, and conveyor surfaces. The IR3000-W utilizes cast aluminum enclosures to effectively disperse heat and ensure more accurate readings, in contrast to competing sensors that use polished steel which holds and creates heat.

The IR3000-W generates an instant return on investment by enhancing product quality and consistency, while simultaneously boosting productivity through decreased downtime and waste. Dependable moisture measurement and control ensures that products contain the exact amount of moisture to lower raw material and fuel costs, provide higher yields, and guarantee more uniform products.
Real-time, continuous moisture measurement enables operational personnel to make crucial, immediate adjustments to the production process. Furthermore, with NIR analysis, all manual steps of collecting, drying, and accurately weighing samples are eliminated. Real-time data is fed directly to the millí»s distributed control system for process control.

The IR3000-W sensor is a complete solution that is easy to install and integrate into existing production lines and does not require the purchase of any additional hardware or software. Its non-contact design minimises contamination and maintenance, allowing for continuous operation without interfering with manufacturing processes.

Popular wood applications of the IR3000-W include bark, wood biomass, plywood, wood chips and pellets, and sawdust.
Source: moisttech.com