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 China's timber import market latest report
[Mar 26, 2024]

 China wood import market

In January, the Asian and Middle East market demand for Okoume wood decreased, timber merchants slowed down the logging progress, resulting in a larger decline in China's Okoume log imports, reaching 67.88%.

In addition, from January's imported timber types, the domestic market demand for tropical timber is higher, imported from Southeast Asia and other regions of tropical sawn timber quantity growth of more than 80%.

Meanwhile, the demand for fir and spruce in the domestic market contracted in January, and the import of large-diameter fir and spruce logs declined by 63.97%; the import volume of sawn timber also fell by about 20,000 cubic meters.

Domestic demand for the remaining popular market species such as eucalyptus logs (+42.04% to 67,400 cubic meters), ash sawn timber (+106.35% to 30,800 cubic meters), large-diameter birch logs (+19.69% to 125,400 cubic meters), and beech sawn timber (+18.64% to 37,200 cubic meters) remained.