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 Lapeyre wants to expand with franchising in France and abroad
[Mar 29, 2024]

 company Lapeyre

The French company Lapeyre, both a retailer and manufacturer in the furnishings, building elements, renovation and refurbishment sector, is continuing its franchising journey that began in 2023. After finding its first franchisees last year, the company has now announced the opening of two more franchise locations, in the Rhône-Alpes region and in French Guiana. The company also plans to expand into other European countries, in particular the Iberian Peninsula, the Maghreb region and other African countries.

There are currently around 130 Lapeyre sales outlets in France and in the overseas DOM-TOM regions. The company is focussing on greater proximity and has identified a further 150 potential sales areas. The aim is for a Lapeyre shop to be within 30 minutes of every French person.