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 Setra to double CLT production capacity in Sweden
[Apr 1, 2024]

Setra inaugurated a new processing machine for cross-laminated timber (CLT), effectively doubling the production capacity at its CLT plant in Långshyttan, Sweden. Hans Messing, the factory manager for Setra's glulam and CLT production in Långshyttan, emphasized the company's commitment to advancing the industry by focusing on standardized solutions that simplify clients' operations. "As society transitions towards greener practices, wood construction is on the rise. Setra aims to push the industry forward with standardized solutions that ease our customers' daily routines. Providing processed building parts with pre-made openings for doors, windows, and installations makes on-site construction much faster and cost-effective," Messing explained.

The Långshyttan factory, already equipped with a CNC machine and one of the world's largest presses for CLT panels, has seen its existing machinery operate at full capacity over the past year. The integration of the new CNC machine is set to increase production speed, enhance precision, and allow for more complex processing tasks.

Messing also highlighted Setra's commitment to sustainability, noting the company's practices of enhancing CLT with features like moisture protection and factory-applied fittings, and repurposing all wood waste into products such as construction battens.

Despite a recent slowdown in residential construction in Sweden, there is a pent-up demand for building infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and care facilities, company said in a statement. Jesper Åkerlund, business manager for Setra's construction solutions, noted a healthy influx of inquiries from the public sector and signs of a potential revival in housing construction post-summer.

Regional disparities are evident, with continued robust housing development in northern Sweden and the Gothenburg area. Setra, whose main market for CLT is Sweden with approximately 30% of its products exported to Norway, anticipates growth in the Norwegian market due to increasing demand for both CLT and glulam.

The industry is trending towards more industrialized wood construction and standardized building systems. "Many of our repeat customers have become adept at constructing with wood frames and utilizing CLT where it best fits the building profile. When housing developers repeat their building systems, the entire project becomes more efficient, from lead times and logistics to resource utilization," Åkerlund added.

Located in Långshyttan, southern Dalarna, the center produces CLT, glulam, and building components. The timber, certified and sourced from the company's own sawmills, is used to manufacture CLT panels with flexible width dimensions, the largest being 3.5 x 20 meters. The CNC machines precisely process these panels into exact building parts, complete with openings for doors, windows, and installations.

Source: setragroup.com