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 Hyne Group expands acquiring Rodpak pallets
[Apr 1, 2024]

 Hyne pallet
The Hyne Group is moving into pallet manufacturing following the acquisition of Melbourne-based pallet and packaging manufacturer Rodpak. 

This announcement comes just over two years since the Hyne Group partnership with UK based company, James Jones and Sons Ltd, and the combined Group¡¯s focus on achieving growth and expansion.

Hyne Group CEO, Jim Bindon stated the Hyne strategy is not to add new capacity to the pallet market, but rather work with customers and industry participants who are ready to exit the industry or explore strategic partnerships as part of their own succession process.

The full acquisition of Rodpak will finalise on 1 May 2024 subject to all Completion Precedents being met.

Rodpak is a Melbourne based pallet and packaging manufacturer.


Hyne Timber was established in 1882 and today operates a range of large-scale softwood sawmills and engineered wood products manufacturing assets, including Australia¡¯s first Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) processing facility.

In 2022, a partnership with UK based timber company James Jones and Sons Ltd (JJSL) was announced, with JJSL becoming the majority owner of the Hyne Group.

In 2023, the Hyne Group announced a partnership with the Rocky Point landscaping products business in Yatala, Queensland, in which Hyne Group is now the majority owner.

Source: hyne.com.au