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Germany: Woodchip prices fall and rise in the first quarter of 2024
[Apr 5, 2024]

German woodchip prices

In Germany, wood chip prices fell in some cases and rose in others in the first quarter of 2024. This is according to the German Pellet Institute.

Wood chip prices in the first quarter of 2024
The price of woodchip in quality class A2, which are primarily used for medium-capacity heating systems, fell in the first quarter of the year. By contrast, prices for quality classes A1 and B rose slightly at the start of the year. All quality classes of woodchip continue to be significantly more attractive in terms of price than fossil fuels such as heating oil and gas. In classes A2 and B, they are more than 60 per cent cheaper, while the price advantage for A1 is around 50 per cent. The German Pellet Institute (DEPI) cites the good availability of residual forest wood and landscape conservation wood as the reason for the price trend for quality classes A2 and B.

The woodchip price for quality class A1 is EUR 34.97 per bulk cubic metre (up 5.8 per cent on the previous month) for a purchase of 80 bulk cubic metres. The price for quality class A2 is EUR 24.94 (down twelve per cent) and EUR 19.30 (up 4.6 per cent) for quality class B. The DEPI advises buying wood chip with the ENplus seal, which guarantees standardised fuel quality and therefore smooth and convenient low-emission heating operation.

The DEPI wood chip price briefly explained
The DEPI collects the wood chip prices on a quarterly basis. The survey period ends on the 15th of the third month of the current quarter. It indicates the net average price in Germany for a cubic metre of wood chips of the respective quality class. Quality class A1 is based on quality class ENplus A1 (water content 15 m-%, ash content 1.5 m-%, fines content 5 m-%). Quality class A2 corresponds to quality class ENplus A2 (water content 20-35 m-%, ash content 2.5 m-%, fines content 8 m-%) and quality class B corresponds to quality class ENplusB (water content 35 m-%, ash content 5 m-%, fines content 10 m-%).

Source:  The DEPI