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 Silent, 70-ton Scania semi gets to work on Swedish timber farm
[April 9, 2024]

Swedish truck maker Scania is working with SCA to put the world¡¯s first all electric timber truck into production in a bid to decarbonize the logging industry.

SCA began developing a prototype version of a specialized logging truck with a massive, 70 tonne hauling capacity based on a Scania electric semi back in 2022, putting it to work transporting timber between SCA¡¯s terminal in Gimonäs and the paper mill in Obbola, Sweden. For 2024, SCA is ordering another one ¨C unlike the first electric timber truck in Umeå, the new truck will be equipped with a crane.

¡°Our new electric timber truck has a better range and will drive to timber storage areas in the forest where it loads the timber for further transport to one of our timber terminals,¡± says Anton Ahlinder, Business Developer at Industrial Supply, SCA Skog. ¡°We expect the truck to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 170 tons per year compared to a regular timber truck.¡±

70 tonne electric Scania logging truck in action
SCA transports about 8.5 million cubic meters of wood across Sweden every year. The company is Sweden¡¯s largest private forest owner and producer of sawn wood products, packaging materials, and pulp for paper.

We have come a long way in our industrial processes, which are already 96 percent fossil-free,¡± says Hans Djurberg, Head of Sustainability at SCA. ¡°We are very pleased that we together with Scania can break new ground to make the heaviest transports fossil-free.¡±

Electrek¡¯s Take
While it might seem weird to talk about sustainability and logging in the same sentence, the fact remains that wood-based products, sourced sustainable and with proper reforestation practices, have a place in a broader sustainable economy ¨C and Scania¡®s efforts to work within that industry to help accelerate the decarbonization of its logistics is unquestionably a worthwhile effort.

Source: electrek.co