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 MGM Timber launches online service for trade customers
[April 17, 2024]

Scotland¡¯s largest independent specialist timber merchant, MGM Timber, continues to invest in its growth with the launch of a new online service for trade customers, giving them access to their agreed rates, invoicing, and full product range 24 hours a day.

The new platform will have the same functionality as a standard e-commerce site, with a full selection of products on offer, but it will also have individual user logins for trade customers to access the same benefits they would usually gain in-store. From agreed pricing and instant quotes, to finance details such as the ability to pay outstanding invoices, it gives tradespeople the opportunity to do their admin outside of normal branch hours.

MGM Timber has committed to adapting to customer feedback, and opening its trade services outside of usual trading hours is something that the business believes will transform the customer experience. As one of the UK¡¯s most advanced e-commerce portals for merchants, it will also have functionality that allows tradespeople to customise their quote documents to be issued to their own customers, and individual project lists will enable them to keep track of all products and costs for multiple projects at one time.

The new and improved website will also have an increased product offering for DIY customers and those without trade accounts, including options to filter by scale to better determine required quantities.

MGM Timber supplies both trade customers and the public with a variety of sawn and finished timber; roof trusses; joists; mouldings; decking; fencing; sheet materials; flooring; doors, windows, and joinery; kitchens; bathroom panelling; and tools and fixings.

¡°Our customer service is one of our greatest strengths at MGM Timber, so we are not aiming to completely replace the in-branch experience for tradespeople,¡± said Steve Galbraith, managing director of MGM Timber. ¡°Our branches will still be open for in-person support, as well as by phone, but many of our customers have told us that fitting all their admin into their usual working day is challenging and having the ability to check costs, place orders, and pay invoices in their own time would make their jobs easier.

¡°We are also conscious that people expect better online services generally, so our new website will also improve the user experience for our DIY customers or anyone shopping without a trade account. We have made the site easier to navigate with clear product specifications, and a better range of deals and discounts. We¡¯ll always be happy to welcome people to one of our 15 branches but we¡¯re building for the future, and we hope this creates efficiencies for our customers and supports a better overall experience.¡±

¡°Following strong customer feedback, we¡¯ve spent the last six months developing this new website and trade portal functionality to ensure we offer customers an improved experience as quickly as possible,¡± added Fergus Bell, d-commerce director at the Donaldson Group. ¡°We¡¯ve considered all the ways customers use MGM Timber¡¯s services in-person and by phone and apart from advice or recommendations, we have recreated everything within this portal. It is extremely advanced for the merchanting sector and is one of the only sites in the UK with this level of functionality. We¡¯re really looking forward to customers adopting the portal and continuing to adapt the offering to meet their needs.¡±

Source: scottishconstructionnow.com