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 New Brazil forest management standard to boost international trade
[April 22, 2024]

A new Brazilian forest management standard is billed as guaranteeing certification of the origin of products by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), according to the International Tropical Organisationí»s (ITTO) latest update.

ABNT PR 1020 Recommended Practice - Management of Natural Tropical Forest was officially launched on April 4, adding value to sustainable forest management, ITTO said quoting Brazilian sources.

The milestone will apparently strengthen international trade opportunities in forest-based products from the State of Mato Grosso in the Amazon region through providing consumers with more security and traceable and verified sustainable products.

The initiative received support from the government and industry leaders including representatives from the Federation of Industries of Mato Grosso (FIEMT), the Centre of Timber Producing and Exporting Industries of the State of Mato Grosso (CIPEM) and the National Forum of Forest-Based Activities (FNBF).

CIPEM points out that the Standard will help boost trade in forest products on the domestic market and internationally.