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 Altro launches next-gen flooring
[April 25, 2024]

Altro has announced the launch of what it says is an innovative new collection of next generation bus flooring engineered to address operational challenges unique to zero-emission vehicles. The company¡¯s three new ranges will be presented to the industry at the ALBUM conference and at Germany¡¯s Bus2Bus trade fair.

Altro¡¯s Global Commercial Manager for Transport, Serge Townsend, said: ¡°The new Altro Transflor Artis, Altro Transflor Metris and Altro Transflor Sonis offer so many new benefits to operators globally. This is a collection of products which puts customers in control of operational efficiencies by offering freedom of choice to tailor interiors in line with the environments they operate.

¡°The flexibility to increase insulative performance in different increments enables vehicles to achieve an optimum balance of performance and weight with no compromise on safety or design. With the added benefits of the flooring being even easier to clean and more recyclable than ever before, this new collection perfectly complements other interior components to help operators maximise service efficiency.¡±

¡°When developing this new family of products, we wanted to address multiple challenges which have arisen through the transition to zero-emission vehicles,¡± added Transport Product Manager Antonio Lourenco, concluding: ¡°We¡¯re excited to deliver a solution which addresses so many aspects connected to both vehicle performance and passenger comfort. With the industry seeing changes to fleets on an unprecedented level, it has been critical for Altro to assume a position where our products and representatives can support customers as they enter a new generation of public transportation.¡±

Source: cbwmagazine.com