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 Pacific Woodtech owners optimistic about the future
[May 8, 2024]

Despite employing fewer people today than since acquiring the Golden mill in 2022, Pacific Woodtech is optimistic about the company¡¯s future growth. At the time of the acquisition from the previous ownership group Louisiana Pacific, the Golden mill employed 435 workers from the local area. The mill currently employs approximately 350 workers and supports another 200 workers through local contracting and supplier businesses. Most of the lost jobs are the result of retirements and attrition and do not reflect the company¡¯s future ambitions.

In fact, as per Pacific Woodtechs Human Resources Department, they are currently bolstering their North American sales team, who are responsible for growth in both the Canadian and US markets. The Golden mill is also hiring general labourers and remains one of the largest employers in town, making it an economic pillar of our community.

Known as a ¡®disrupter¡¯ within the industry, Pacific Woodtech is determined to continue capturing market share away from larger producers of engineered wood products, including Boise Cascade and Weyerhaeuser. Originally founded in 1998, the Burlington, Washington based company has remained resolute in innovating its core products and is renowned for the quality of its production amongst its industry peers and customers.

Pacific Woodtech acquired Louisiana-Pacific¡¯s Engineered Wood Products business in August 2022. This included the laminated veneer lumber and plywood factory in Golden, along with facilities in Red Bluff, California and Wilmington, North Carolina. The Golden mill is the largest of the four Pacific Woodtech facilities, despite no longer producing plywood, at least for the time being. Aside from the mill, its woodlands division also occupies offices on 9th St. N.

The company remains committed to the Golden community and surrounding area, both socially and environmentally. They are currently exploring partnerships with local organizations that will benefit people in all stages of their lives including children, teenagers, adults, veterans and the homeless. Pacific Woodtech also understands that there are evolving considerations for forest management in British Columbia, including First Nations collaboration, caribou habitat considerations, and old growth timber harvesting deferrals.

About Pacific Woodtech Corporation
Since 1998, Pacific Woodtech has been one of the world¡¯s top producers of engineered wood products, and it holds a solid first place in product quality, process and customer service. The company is a respected producer of private-label and Pacific Woodtech branded products with a dedication to innovation and quality.

Source: thegoldenstar.net