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China's demand for African timber is growing in 2024
African redwood is highly sought after
[May 10, 2024]

Gabon is experiencing a rainy season, which is affecting the operation of timber factories in inland areas.  During the rainy season, Gabonese veneer and plywood factories can continue to produce, but due to the impact of the rainy season, the inventory of logs has decreased, especially the inventory of Augustan logs, which has decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, China's demand for African timber is on the rise. In particular, they are particularly interested in Bilinga (Batimu, irregularly called Huanghuali and Huangtanmu), Ayous (aka White wutong, African White Wood), Okan (aka Disc Bean), Movingui, Sapelli, and Okoume (aka Red Walnut).

Recently, according to reports from African timber traders, as China enters 2024, African timber exports, represented by African rosewood, have begun to show signs of recovery. The price trend of high-end timber is strong, continuing the price surge of 2023.

At the consumer end, entering the the Year of the Loong, driven by the new Chinese consumption boom and the high-end consumer market, the rosewood market continues to be hot. The precious hardwood known for its appearance and texture - African rosewood has become the new favorite of the high-end floor consumer market.