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Holzindustrie Pabst begins with sawmill remodelling
[May 17, 2024]


The investment amounts to around €40 million. According to the company, it is the largest investment in its history.

Holzindustrie Pabst's sawmill at the Kathal site is being completely rebuilt and modernised. The investment is intended to secure the site in the long term.

OBDACH. The giant crane is already visible from afar - and now the official ground-breaking ceremony has taken place: The Pabst Holz sawmill in Kathal (municipality of Obdach) is being modernised and converted. The company speaks of the "official starting signal for the largest investment in the history of the Pabst timber industry."

Preliminary work started
The investment volume amounts to around 40 million euros and the project comprises a complete mechanical and structural renewal and modernisation of the sawmill. The preparatory work for this was already started at the beginning of May and will now be followed by several construction phases until the planned completion in around eight months.

New sawing line
In the first phase, a new technical building will be constructed. In the second phase, starting in August, sawing operations will be temporarily suspended in order to begin extensive construction work and the installation of a new sawing line, sawn timber sorting and waste wood disposal.

Operation maintained
The tower crane with a jib length of around 70 metres that has already been installed has the purpose of maintaining production for as long as possible and not disrupting daily operations. The crane will carry out most of the lifting work during the entire construction period.

Location secured
The technical planning for the major project was carried out internally at Pabst, while architect Heimo Wieser from Spielberg is responsible for the architectural planning and construction management. Several, mostly regional companies are involved. The remodelling will secure the site in Kathal in the long term, while at the same time preserving the company's jobs. In addition, a significant improvement in noise protection measures and working conditions is expected.

Source: meinbezirk.at