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FSC takes new initiative by aligning for EUDR to provide robust solutions
[May 28, 2024]


FSC is recognised for taking major initiative related to the forestry and it¡¯s certification. A few times earlier, when the EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR) came into force in June 2023, FSC accelerated several existing projects to align their sustainable forestry standards with the EUDR requirements and develop the required technology solutions to ease compliance for companies.

Now, the good news is that, they have finalised their solutions to meet their own robust-three-chamber governance requirements. PEFC requests the interested professionals to register to see the result.

Online launch event: FSC Aligned for EUDR

FSC Aligned for EUDR takes the complexity out of EUDR requirements and provides a robust solution to help certificate holders become compliant on time. Join us as we unveil this offering and how it will streamline your compliance journey.

Get access to the FSC Aligned Certification for EUDR, supporting companies to fulfil their due diligence obligations. It includes the newly developed FSC Regulatory Module and FSC Risk Assessment Framework and enables EUDR alignment by leveraging FSC¡¯s robust system. Find out how to start implementation immediately.

Enjoy a first look at the second part of this modular solution ¨C FSC Aligned Reporting for EUDR. Powered by FSC Blockchain (Beta), it will help companies report on their EUDR Due Diligence activities.

While this launch event will provide a short section for questions and answers, FSC will host dedicated technical webinars to dive deep into FSC Aligned Certification for EUDR, where the experts involved will answer technical questions. Simultaneous interpretation into key languages will be offered. The registration will begin from July 3, 2024.

FSC governance: Cultivating change through collaboration

Forests play a vital role in our environment, communities, and economy.  Responsible forest management balances each of these interests to achieve outcomes that benefit us all. 

That¡¯s why the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is governed by a global network of over 1,000 individuals and member organisations representing environmental, social, and economic perspectives.  The company¡¯s democratic and participative system brings these diverse perspectives together to find solutions that safeguard healthy, resilient forests worldwide.  

Source: fsc.org