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Segezha Group Plywood mill in Kirov became the largest exporter of plywood among Russian enterprises in 2023
[May 29, 2024]


According to the quarterly analytical review What Wood "The forest complex of Russia in 2023-2024" (4th quarter 2023 Issue No. 5) Vyatka Plywood Mill, an asset of Segezha Group (MOEX, SGZH) in the Kirov region, became the largest exporter of plywood among Russian factories in 2023.

The review notes that 67% of export sales were sent by Russian companies to Egypt, China, Turkey and Kazakhstan. In total, in 2023, the Vyatka Plywood Mill exported 150,200 m3 of finished products. The key countries of supply last year were China - 74,759 m3, Turkey - 11,697 m3, Kazakhstan - 1,437 m3.

Segezha Group is currently continuing the implementation of the investment project "Increasing the capacity of the Vyatka Plywood Mill" in Kirov. The company has launched an angular format-cutting center, previously a new automatic woodworking center with numerical control was put into operation for additional processing of plywood, which allows you to carry out complex special orders.

Last year, Segezha Group celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Vyatka Plywood Mill. The company in Kirov released its first products in December 2008. Over the past 15 years, VFK has increased the grade of plywood produced and expanded the range of products used in construction, interior and furniture solutions, in the production of wheeled and marine transport. Currently, the company's product portfolio includes dozens of items, including veneered plywood, with colored and transparent coatings, as well as novelties of recent years - tanker plywood Segezha LNG, refractory Segezha Vulcan and flexible Segezha FlexPly. In the new economic conditions, the plant managed to maintain its position as one of the leaders in plywood production and by 2023 had gained a foothold in new markets for itself: China, Turkey, Iran, Southeast Asian countries and South America.

This year, Segezha Group continued regular deliveries of tanker plywood to the Asian market. Tanker plywood is an important element of the insulating layers of membrane systems in LNG tankers. In addition to the Vyatka Plywood Mill, the Group's structure includes the Galich Plywood Mill in the Kostroma region (design capacity - 125 thousand m3 of plywood per year).

Source: akm.ru