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 LeNoble Lumber Co. expands with new distribution center
[Jun 3, 2024]


LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc., a leading provider of high-quality lumber, plywood and building materials, proudly announces the June 2024 opening of its new distribution center in Edison, New Jersey. Strategically located to enhance service capabilities and better serve customers, this expansion marks a significant milestone in the company¡¯s commitment to excellence and growth.

Situated at a prime location in Edison, the new distribution center boasts brand new rail access and enhanced logistics capabilities to meet the increasing demand for LeNoble¡¯s products. This center is a testament to LeNoble¡¯s dedication to innovation and efficiency in its operations.

¡°With the opening of our new distribution center in Edison, we are thrilled to enhance our ability to serve our valued customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before,¡± said Marc Bernstein, Co-President of LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc. ¡°The inclusion of rail access is a game-changer for us, allowing us to streamline our supply chain and deliver our products with greater speed and precision.¡±

The central location of the Edison distribution center offers strategic advantages, providing easier access to major transportation routes and enabling LeNoble Lumber to serve a broader customer base across the region. This expansion aligns with the company¡¯s vision to continuously improve its services and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

¡°We are excited about the opportunities this new distribution center presents for our company, for our customers and for our future,¡± added Matt Dienstag, Co-President. ¡°By investing in infrastructure and leveraging our central location, we are better positioned to provide unparalleled service and support to our customers, including the Film and TV production facilities located in New Jersey, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.¡±

The June opening of the Edison distribution center reaffirms LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc.¡¯s commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With enhanced capabilities and a strategic location, the company looks forward to delivering exceptional value to its customers while continuing to lead the way in the lumber industry.

For more information about LeNoble Lumber Co., Inc. and its products and services, please visit www.lenoblelumber.com

Source: lenoblelumber.com