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 Canopy Lumber Products Partners with 7robotics to Implement Innovative Robotic Pallet Building System
[Jun 3, 2024]


Canopy Lumber Products, a leading manufacturer of custom pallets and shipping solutions based in Rock Valley, Iowa, has embarked on a transformative journey towards enhanced safety, improved quality management and increased production capacity through its collaboration with 7robotics. Canopy Lumber has implemented 7robotics¡¯ innovative Robotic Pallet Building System in its Iowa facility. This new line advances automation to boost production while reducing labor requirements.

7robotics equipment uses a robot working in collaboration with a human operator, allowing for the ability to produce a wide variety of pallet sizes with speedy changeovers. The human operator places lumber on an inclined jig while the robot nails boards into place and stacks finished pallets at the end of the process. Canopy¡¯s system allows for three distinct SKU variations based on different templates and can scale up to handle dozens of jigs for future products. This system is equipped with advanced tooling features, including air system monitoring, product detection and auto nail gun lubrication.

Safety remains paramount within the system with three designated safety zones enabling the continuous operation of robotic nailing and stacking while maintaining a safe environment for workers. Additionally, innovative safety measures such as area scanners and safety air valves mitigate risks, underscoring 7robotics¡¯ commitment to prioritizing the well-being of employees.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) facilitates seamless operation through intuitive features such as product selection, safety status indicators, and job counters, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. Moreover, remote access capabilities supported by wireless cameras and virtual twin technology enable real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Patrick Kooima, general manager of Canopy Lumber Products, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration. He stated, ¡°After a few months of using the robot for production, I am pleased with the improvement in safety for our employees.¡± Kooima emphasized the system¡¯s role in streamlining operations and enabling profitability on smaller production runs, highlighting its transformative impact on the company¡¯s bottom line.

The successful implementation of the Robotic Pallet Building System has yielded significant time savings, streamlined product changeover processes and increased daily pallet production. Deploying this innovative solution reinforces Canopy Lumber Products¡¯ position as an industry leader in manufacturing excellence.

Based on his positive experience, Patrick Kooima enthusiastically recommends 7robotics to other manufacturers seeking automation solutions. He noted, ¡°If you are looking for an automation team that is capable of thinking outside the box, [7robotics] can help you achieve your goals.¡±

The collaboration between Canopy Lumber Products and 7robotics underscores the transformative potential of automation in manufacturing, even for the pallet industry. The Robotic Pallet Building System paves the way for enhanced safety, efficiency and profitability. 7robotics was established in 2019 pioneering advanced automation solutions. 7robotics¡¯ team of skilled engineers, programmers, fabricators and technicians design and manufacture its equipment in Roseburg, Oregon. For more information about 7robotics, go to www.7robotics.com.

Source: palletenterprise.com