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German furniture exports decrease and sales decline in Q1 2024
[Jun 13, 2024]

The German furniture industry is feeling the effects of the sluggish economy in exports as well as domestically.

The German furniture industry exported less furniture in the first quarter of 2024. Compared to the same quarter last year, exports fell by almost 9% to around €2 billion.

As in Germany, the weak propensity to consume and the stagnating housing construction activity are also being felt in the export markets, say the German furniture industry associations VDM and VHK. German furniture manufacturers generate around a third of their sales abroad.

The most important sales market is France, where sales fell by 11%. Exports to Switzerland (-14%), Austria (-20%), the Netherlands (-11%), the United Kingdom (-3.5%) and Belgium (-13.5%) also fell significantly. Sales in Italy, which ranks 7th in the list of the most important export destinations, rose by almost 9%.

In terms of exports outside Europe, deliveries to the USA fell by 4%, while those to China rose by 8%.

German furniture imports amounted to €2.5 billion, almost 2% below the previous year's level. Poland remains the most important furniture supplier with a 30% share of total imports, even though imports fell by around 9%. China expanded its second position with an increase of 20%.