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Canfor curtails Fort St. John sawmill
[Jun 18, 2024]


Canfor¡¯s Fort St. John sawmill has announced two temporary curtailments of sawmill and planer operations.

The first curtailment, announced in an internal memo on May 8th, will run from June 28th to July 15th, and the second, detailed in a June 12th memo, will run from August 26th to September 6th.

The May 8th memo also stated that employees can request a vacation pay advance on any vacation accrued since May to offset the interruption of earnings.

The memos outline the return dates for different shifts involved with sawmill and planar production, explaining that most employees will not be scheduled to work and that critical positions would be ¡®manned as needed.¡¯

After the first curtailment, weekend personnel will return to work on July 14th, weekday employees will return on July 15th, and graveyard shifts will restart on July 14th.

During the second temporary curtailment, weekend shift personnel will resume regularly scheduled shifts on September 9th, graveyard shift personnel will resume on September 8th, and weekend shifts will resume on September 6th.

As the August to September curtailment approaches, more information will be provided to employees by Canfor.

Source: energeticcity.ca