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Product Name: Beech Logs and Lumber for Sale
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Specification: Beech Logs and Lumber for Sale..

Dear sir or madam, we are suppliers various woods from Europe, such as birch, beech,oak,poplar,pine,spruce,maple, aspen, ash,wood pellet,and many more to buyers all over the globe, in logs,lumber in all shapes,and forms the buyer or client wants.

I would like to offer birch, beech,oak,poplar,pine,spruce,ash,wood pellet be it in lumber forms or logs or saw logs we are willing,ready and capable of the supply.
1.grade a b c
3.diameter 20 cm and up

species: birch, beech,oak,poplar,pine,spruce,ash,wood pellet(and many more)

diameter: 20cm and up.
Lengths: actual - 2800 3100 3300+.
Invoice: (270030003200).
Diameter: 14cm and up.

Measurement: european standard, measured at small end.

Please let me know your delivery port. And I will offer the price.

Fast delivery, big quantities, world wide supply.
Please, interested clients and buyers should contact with their full contact details,with their email address and phone number.
Capacity Supply:
Business Type: Manufacturing, Exporting, Distributing, Retailling
Target Market: Worldwide
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