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Product Name: Vertical type ring die pellet machine model 560
Model No: MZLV560
Unit Price: USD25000/set
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Vertical MZLVR series introduction:
1.Upward mold. Vertically feeding, never buff placer, and easier heat dissipation
2. Mold vertical, machine is easier fixing, and stable running;
3.Pressing wheel rotates, and makes materials centrifugal, evenly spread
4. Double mold, upper and under double-use, reduces the cost and increase the efficiency
5.Cooling system, makes process room get sufficient cooling, which gives protection to machine's long-term stable operation.
Capacity Supply: 100sets per month
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: worldwide
Delivery Lead Time: 15working days
Valid Time: six months
Minimum Orders: 1set


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