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Product Name: Film Faced Plywood
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(1). Specification:

*915 X 1830mm ,2440 X 1220mm , 2500 X 1250mm

(2). Species:

*Core: Poplar, Birch, Hardwood and Combination Core

(3). Film: paper reinforced phenolic film:

*Dynea 120g/m2 o, Stora Enso 125g/m2

*China-made 240g/m2

(4). Color:

* Film: dark brown, black

* Side Seal: Red/ Dark brown/ Black color paint(other color under request)


* A/A grade, both sides glossy * Anti-Slippery Plywood, one side glossy, one side rough
Capacity Supply: 300000pcs/Monthly
Business Type: Exporting
Target Market: Worldwide
Delivery Lead Time: 1month before Shipment
Valid Time: long-term
Minimum Orders: 1600pcs


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