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Product Name: hardplywood
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Products Name:hardplywood
Specification: 1220*2440,1250*2500
Product Origin:china
Other Message:We are specializing in the production of Hard plywood,
Hard plywood - produced from deciduous trees, alder and birch wood. The internal variety is based on urea and formaldehyde resins and the external one is based on phenolic and formaldehyde resins.
Hard plywood holds E1 sanitary certification.

These types of plywood are used in furniture industry for all sorts of construction elements of office, home, kitchen, and other types of furniture. Thanks to its high endurance, plywood is used in building industry, for instance, in building houses, or as roof boarding to be covered with sheathing paper. Hard plywood is also widely used in boat building.
If you are in need of plywood for your market, please let us advised.We will offer you the best rate.Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
Mary defuyuanwood@yahoo.com
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Business Type: exporting
Target Market: worldwide
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