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Product Name: Hardboard
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1. Density: ca. 850-1000 gr / cm3
2. Strength in bending: ca 38 megaPascals
3. Humidity: 5-10 %
4. Quantity: 6999.75 m2 per truck
5. Loading: 15 packs per truck, 100 units per pack, 1500 units totally
6. Country of origin: Belarus (7 % import duty in EU)

We are an international logistic company supplying birch plywood, hardboards and bed slats manufactured in Belarus and Russia to the consumers in European Community since 2000 year. We minimize the problems, risks and expenses connected with the purchasing processes offering flexible specifications, delivery and payment terms. For product details please visit our webpage.
Capacity Supply:
Business Type: Wholesale
Target Market: EU
Delivery Lead Time:
Valid Time: 60 days
Minimum Orders:


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