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Posted Time:7/31/2022

Type: Sell

Subject: Pallet, flooring, wood logs,
Details: Product 1. Pallet lumbers:
AD Acacia: 190 usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam (VN)
AD S2S Acacia: 210 usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam (VN)

Product 2. Flooring:
KD S4S Acacia: 530usd/m3 and 550usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam for 20x110/130x480,630,780,930,1080,1230,1530mm.

Product 3. Acacia wood chips:
145usd/ton FOB Haiphong, Vietnam. We can supply 20,000 ton/month

Product 4. Pellet:
1. Specifications:
Moisture: ??10%; Ash: ??2%; Impurities: ??0.5%; Calorific: 4200 - 4700 cal/g; Diameter: 8mm; Length: 10mm - 30mm

2. Inspection of goods at the port:
Vinacontrol Vietnam

3. Quantity:
Total: 1,000 ton/month
Price: FOB Vietnam 170usd/ton

Product 5. Hardwood Garden Stakes:
Sizes and Packs:
12mm x 12mm, Pack of 10:600mm 900mm 1200mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
17mm x 17mm, Pack of 10:1200mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
19mm x 19mm, Pack of 10:900mm1200mm1500mm1800mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
25mm x 25mm, Pack of 6:900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
38mm x 38mm, 1 unit:1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm, 380usd/m3 FOB
50mm x 50mm:300mm, Pack of 6450mm 600mm 900mm 1500mm 1 unit 1800mm 2100mm, 380usd/m3 FOB
50mm x 25mm, Pack of 10:300mm 450mm 600mm 380usd/m3 FOB
Hardwood Round Stakes: Diameter 30mm x 1200mm
Pack of 10 370usd/m3 FOB
Collared Pegs:50mm x 50mm
Pack of 6450mm: 736usd/m3 FOB
600mm: 657usd/m3 FOB
750mm: 609usd/m3 FOB..

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