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[Buy]: Osb
Hello, Please send us an offer for : osb(Oriented Strand Board. OSb-3 full container in different dimensions stregnth 9/12/15/18mm...
From: Germany (9/1/2021)
[Buy]: MDF and chipboard
Hello  Please send me the current prices: MDF 10 format 2800x2070, laminated on one side, white MDF 14,15,16, format 2800x2070 raw...
From: Poland (9/1/2021)
[Buy]: Tropical timber
I am interested in import timber from Brazil, please contact me for details....
From: United Kingdom (8/31/2021)
[Buy]: Birch plywood 9mm
We are a sport equipment producer and we need a supplier of birch plywood, thickness 9mm. Our products are inside buildings. But there might be higher...
From: Czech Republic (8/29/2021)
[Buy]: Pellets
We are interested for buying 200tons of A1quality pellets, 15kg bags with Your logo and product info on it. This would be the first order, than 1500t....
From: Austria (8/27/2021)
[Buy]: Laminate flooring
I am a client and just want to know the price of flooring in laminate. How much birr would be and also where its from like China or ..? Thank...
From: United Kingdom (8/26/2021)
[Buy]: Wood Wool
In Ireland, we supply Wood-Wool for our clients. Presently,we are seeking manufacturers of Wood-Wool for import.  Do you supply 5kg - 10kg -...
From: Ireland (8/25/2021)
[Buy]: Wood for packing
Dear all,  we use a lot woodproducts for our produktion and packaging. We use special pallets and also wooden boards with a groove for packaging...
From: Germany (8/25/2021)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
Hello, We are intresting in wood pallets with shiping to Vilnius, Lithuania, and if we will take by uorselves from us direcktly. Please send commercia...
From: Lithuania (8/24/2021)
[Buy]: Hardwood Production Pallets
We are interested in achieving Hardwood Production Pallets for the paving industry. Please contact me. Thank you ...
From: Romania (8/24/2021)
[Buy]: OSB-3 boards
Hello ! We are self-employed house builders in France. We are currently implementing our new project for the construction of houses from OSB-3 boards...
From: France (8/23/2021)
[Buy]: Chipboard
Hello,We are a worktop manufacturer in England. We are currently buying all our chipboard from Germany and are looking for an alternative source/2nd s...
From: United Kingdom (8/23/2021)
[Buy]: Plain mdf and mfc
We are a furniture manufacturer company in Turkey.Our factor is Istanbul in Turkey .We want to buy mdf,hdf,cfl,mfc board or similar durability board....
From: Turkey (8/22/2021)
[Buy]: Iroko Hardwood
We are a furniture company and would like prices for some Iroko Hardwood Planks exported to the UK. Could you possibly help us please?...
From: United Kingdom (8/21/2021)
[Buy]: Front door
I have container based front door orders, please contact for details....
From: Hungary (8/20/2021)
[Buy]: Firewood
I need a supplier firewood of oak, beech and ash wood mixed species for sale in supermarkets.  Need prices Cork Port and Dublin Port.  Regar...
From: Ireland (8/19/2021)
[Buy]: Wooden fuels
We wanto buy wooden fuels DDP-DAP-D 94431 Pilsting Thank you !...
From: Germany (8/19/2021)
[Buy]: Interior wooden doors
We are looking for around 100 wooden doors.if that is suitable for you we can send the specifictation in your email address.   ...
From: Albania (8/18/2021)
[Buy]: Pine \ spruce lumber
Good afternoon. I am interested in dry planed wood with container norms. Dimensions below. Pine \ spruce.  38mm (thickness) x 235mm (width)...
From: Ukraine (8/18/2021)
[Buy]: Copper
Hello I want to ask for prices copper from Ukraine ? Thanks...
From: Belgium (8/17/2021)
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