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[Buy]: Sapelli Entandrophragma Cylindricum Logs
We are big importer and distributor of Imported Woods in VietnamAt moment, we are looking for Suppliers for Sapelli Entandrophragma CylindricumLogs...
From: Vietnam (10/8/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
WE need industrial pellets, EN A2, 5000.tons. with roll and extendions till 50000. Mt, in bulk. FOB.  If you are in a position to quote, ple...
From: Spain (10/7/2022)
[Buy]: White oak stave logs
Looking for white oak stave logs for coopering. If you have access to these, give me a holler. Thanks!...
From: United States (10/7/2022)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello, We are a handmade guitar brand looking for manufacturing a run of 10-20 guitars, is this possible with you? What are your minimum requirements...
From: Chile (10/7/2022)
[Buy]: Solid lamella tabletops
Good afternoon. Interested in the manufacture of solid lamella tabletops with a thickness of 40 mm. From solid oak with the possibility of export...
From: Germany (10/7/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
Sirs,  We are enquiring about the possibility of buying pellets and briquets form you. Will you please send us quotation of 24T FTL pellets of di...
From: Hungary (10/7/2022)
[Buy]: Pellet and Bricquette
Good afternoon. We are wholesalers looking to buy pellets and bricquettes in large quantities for the next few months. Would you be able to supply us...
From: United Arab Emirates (10/6/2022)
[Buy]: Cedar siding
Just wondering if you cut 7" beveled cedar for siding, and if so what you charge. I am getting quotes from different mills and would love to hear back...
From: United States (10/6/2022)
[Buy]: Hard Borad Sheet of 8*4 Required
We will be requiring hard board sheet of above denomination in Faisalabad. Please feel free to contact undersigned. ...
From: Pakistan (10/4/2022)
[Buy]: Timber profiling
We are supplying New Zealand with Siberian Larch.  To reduce the costs of timber processing in New Zealand, We would like to process our Siberian...
From: New Zealand (10/4/2022)
[Buy]: Flooring
I'm importing engineered wood flooring from China. I would like to get price for below spec. Size spec : 14mm (3mm) * 190mm * 1900mm  -...
From: Korea, South (10/4/2022)
[Buy]: Wooden slats 3w
This is from a manufacturer of Cosmetics.It’s a pleassure to be in contact. Now I’m looking for a supplier of wooden slats (3W) like pictures. Co...
From: Mexico (10/3/2022)
Dear sir  Please note our requirements for round log as per below:  1. Quantity : 10-20,000 MTS (+/_ 10%) Sellers Option...
From: Bangladesh (10/3/2022)
[Buy]: MDF
Looking for MDF 18mm in Shining white color....
From: Belgium (10/3/2022)
[Buy]: Apitong, Acacia wood
Hello! We are looking for a wood supplier including Teak, Apitong, Acacia ,eucalyptus and others for floors. Please contact us...
From: Thailand (10/3/2022)
[Buy]: Microwave wood kiln
I am working with Serbian located company named Grading BS. We are interested in purchasing microwave wood kiln. I wood be garteful if you could send...
From: Serbia (10/3/2022)
[Buy]: Wooden Box to manufacture
I have a wooden box I would like manufactured. I can send the specs or see if this is in your scope of offerings and for a quote. Thanks,  ...
From: United States (10/2/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets order
Looking for a supplier of pellets ....
From: France (10/2/2022)
[Buy]: Solid wood panels
Interested in ash, oak, walnut solid wood panels. We are looking for a partner for cooperation in Ukraine ......
From: France (10/1/2022)
[Buy]: Spruce logs
Looking for spruce logs 11.8m 25cm+....
From: Albania (9/30/2022)
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