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From: Nigeria (10/8/2023)
[Sell]: Africa hard wood iroko , Tali , padouk etc
We are Manufactures, exporters and suppliers of african hard and soft wood timber and below are the various types of timber we have in stock for ready...
From: Cameroon (9/24/2023)
[Sell]: Sawn iroko lumbers
We work extensively in Africa and Holland Netherlands, sourcing legal wood and wood products for world clients. We feature reclaimed rosewood, lignum...
From: Cameroon (9/10/2023)
[Sell]: Sapelli sawn timber
We sell redwood sawn timber (Sapelli).  Our company is located in Central African Republic, sawmill is located in Boda area. It produces 3,0...
From: Central African Republic (7/26/2023)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
We have factory and foreest in Gabon, We produce okoume plywood and sawn timber......
From: Gabon (7/8/2023)
[Sell]: Teak wood
 We are a Zimbabwean based company in Mutare Manicaland address 9 First street Mutare Zimbabwe.  We have huge hectares of teak forest that w...
From: Zimbabwe (5/4/2023)
[Sell]: Africa rosewood
We have a timber concession granted by the republic of Zambia in the North Western Province of Zambia.  We have hardwood such as rosewood on...
From: Zambia (4/1/2023)
[Sell]: African timber
In 2017 Obtala, an African mineral and agricultural company, acquired WBI, a company engaged in the global trade of sawn West African hardwood. They h...
From: Gabon (3/25/2023)
[Sell]: Sudan Teak round logs
Dear Sir, We would like to introduce our company involved in export of Sudan Teak round logs; based inĀ  Kampala Uganda.  We have Sudan...
From: Uganda (11/17/2022)
[Sell]: DOUSSIE wood from Africa grade A clean cut
Doussie sawn / square logs Timber Fresh / KD. Size; Thickness 19/25/32/50/75/100 mm Width: 75/ 100mm Length : 1.8 , 2.7 , 3.0 , 5.10 M...
From: Cameroon (10/29/2022)
[Sell]: Tali, Padouk, Okoume, Okan lumber
We are Sawmill based in. Gabon.  Our Company gets its Origins from New Zealand.  With over 20 years experience in the Wood Industry we now w...
From: Gabon (10/18/2022)
[Sell]: Buy Timber from us
All species available in lumber and logs.....
From: South Africa (10/7/2022)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
We produce full okoume plywood in Gabon..  Our Gabon factory's name is SHENG YANG INTERNATIONAL BOIS DU GABON, produce okoume plywood, okoum...
From: Gabon (10/2/2022)
[Sell]: Teakwood
contact me on WhatsApp +23778877124 or email .. sawwood767@yahoo.com tropical wood for now we have eucalyptus, pachy ,Tali, sapelli, Doussie, iroko,...
From: Cameroon (10/1/2022)
[Sell]: Pine
Available wood logs species and quantity . PINEWOOD : 2000 m3 PACHYLOBA : 2088 m3 TALI : 3063 m3 PADOUK : 1055 m3 DOUSSIE : 2...
From: Cameroon (9/26/2022)
[Sell]: Teak logs
We are Exporter's Ghana Teak Logs and Sawn Sizes, We have great team to Load 50 containers a month and quality logs.  We have branch office...
From: Ghana (9/23/2022)
Teak Round Logs and Square Available  Round Logs  120 to 135 pcs   136 to 145 pcs  146 to 155 pcs  1...
From: Ghana (9/19/2022)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
We produce full okoume plywood in Gabon.....
From: Gabon (9/16/2022)
[Sell]: Firewood, briquettes and pellets for sale
Firewood, briquettes and pellets for sale from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Contact interlinkscontinental@gmail.com for inquiries.....
From: South Africa (9/14/2022)
[Sell]: African hard and soft wood timber
We are currently supplying following wood logs and sawn timber:  Pachy, Tali, Azobe, Padouk, Daboma, Sapeli, Iroko, Bilinga, Doussie, Okan etc. e...
From: Cameroon (9/11/2022)
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