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[Buy]: Veneer
We operate an online store for longboard accessories. Your manufactured veneer would probably complement our range well. We ask for a quote of 300 pcs...
From: Germany (11/21/2022)
[Buy]: Flaminate wood
Looking for flaminate wood....
From: Vietnam (11/21/2022)
[Buy]: Playwood Bakelise and Pinus
We are moroccan company, among the best wood importation company in morocco.we are looking for wood and I need Playwood Bakelise and Pinus Looking for...
From: Morocco (11/21/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
I'm requesting information about availablity: Wood Pellets. I would need 24 tons as a private person. Could you please send your quotation?&...
From: Hungary (11/21/2022)
[Buy]: Wood chips required
Dear Sir,  We have buyers of wood chips for Biomass energy, Paper & Pulp and MDF/Chipboard production.  Please advise if anyone ca...
From: India (11/20/2022)
[Buy]: Gemalina wood
We purchase gemalina, can you supply 100CM monthly.  Payment terms CNF to Chittagong port, Bangladesh.     ...
From: Costa Rica (11/20/2022)
[Buy]: Wood Pellets
We’d be happy to discuss the possibility of working together if you can supply us the following product; 6mm wood pellets in large bulk bags made fr...
From: Turkey (11/19/2022)
[Buy]: Hardwood timber
We want to buy hardwood timber (oak, hornbeam, acacia, sky, beech) Quality A and A-B for export to England.   ------------ -------------- ------...
From: United Kingdom (11/19/2022)
[Buy]: Beech veneer
I would like to get an offer for rotary white beech veneer. -A B class minimum 20-25%.....(but the A class have to be minimum 15%. ……dimensio...
From: Slovenia (11/18/2022)
[Buy]: MDF plain board Non standard 18mm
 Dear sir  We are looking for non standard MDF plain board woth thickness 18mm  We are selling such product to furniture workshops , h...
From: Jordan (11/18/2022)
[Buy]: Walnut natural veneer
We need natural veneer as following: Walnut Flat Cut Plain Natural Veneer, 0.6 mm Thick Quality AB (first and second) Volume 19000 m2 (...
From: Italy (11/18/2022)
[Buy]: Fresh Sawn Fir/Spruce/Pine
We buy fresh sawn wood to produce wooden packaging. Please contact us for further information. Fresh Sawn Fir/Spruce/Pine Loose, 17+ mm Thic...
From: Italy (11/18/2022)
[Buy]: SPF Pallet
  Dimensions of wood for 600x800 pallets: 22x98x597/797 mm dried to max 18 %  Dimensions for wood for pallet collars made by 1 boa...
From: Denmark (11/18/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood
I need to import dried pine wood to Vietnam. Which factory do you know. please recommend me thanks...
From: Vietnam (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: Tobacco leafs
I am interested in tobacco leafs, please send me a email with your contact detail please ...
From: United Kingdom (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: 3 Ply Shuttering Panel
3 Ply Shuttering Panel, Oak. Joint Finger Jointed (Discontinuous stave) Thickness:2.5-3 cm Width:0.5 cm Length: 1; 1.5; 2; 3 m&nbs...
From: Italy (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: Oak wood
We need white oak KD with size of 27MM AND 35 MM in regular basis so can you please share your rates with original available material pictures so we c...
From: India (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: Oak saw logs
We are looking for A Quality Oak saw logs for long term relation , 40+ cm Diameter. ...
From: Italy (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: Bamboo parquet
Bamboo industry parquet, HKL 10x8x160mm, Quantity 3000 m2 ....
From: Belgium (11/17/2022)
[Buy]: Pachyloba saw Logs
We are looking for WPL, Doussie, Pachy Logs,... Pls contact us.  -- ---- ------- ---- ---- ------ ----- ------- ------ ------ ---...
From: Vietnam (11/17/2022)
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