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[Sell]: Commercial Plywood, AB, 8-18 mm
Specification: Commercial Plywood, AB, 8-18 mm + Face/Back: Bintangor/Okoume. + Core: Mixed local wood (Acacia, Eucalyptus, Ormosia and Styr...
From: Vietnam (4/7/2024)
[Sell]: LVL/LVB Pywood
We are a CARB EPA and JAS certificated LVL and plywood factory loaced in Linyi, Shandong, China, our products including:  1. LVL a) LVL...
From: China (4/7/2024)
We only produce high and top quality product with source from legal wood in China factories.  Commercial Plywood Film Faced Plywood&nbs...
From: China (4/7/2024)
We are the Asian office of Paraguay's largest and oldest sawmill. We specialize in cylinders of PALOSANTO, CURUPAY, and many other species. We export...
From: Singapore (4/7/2024)
[Sell]: FSC CARB EPA Bleached Poplar LVB Plywood
We are a FSC, CARB EPA certificated plywood factory from Linyi, Shandong, China, we are producing bleached poplar veneer faced plywood, custom size LV...
From: China (4/7/2024)
[Sell]: Veneer Walnut, White Oak, Burr-Oak, and Ash
Looking for buyers for Veneer Walnut, White Oak, Burr-Oak, and Ash. At this time. Call for more info ask for Vincel Simmons 660-287-6160...
From: United States (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Hemlock Boards
We are a Canadian export company.  We have available 7/8?HEMLOCk BOARDS S1S2E KD  1x10 ?425/8?425/10?595/14??  1x12 ?54...
From: Canada (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Film Faced Birch Plywood for Iraq
Species: Birch hardwood (all plies through); Thickness (mm): 18; Formats (mm): 2440x1220 & 2500x1250; Glue: WBP; Film: 120 gr/m2;&...
From: Russia (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Spruce (Whitewood) KD boards 22/44x100x3-4 for Iraq
Spruce (Whitewood) or Pine (Redwood) KD lumber from freshly hurvested winter logs is available:  22x100x3000-4000mm 44x100x3000-4000mm&...
From: Russia (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Solid and engineered French oak flooring
We are a Belgian factory ( parketfabriek remmery) that is specialized in the production of solid and engineered French oak flooring. Our family i...
From: Belgium (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Film Faced Plywood
Face: Keruing (100% Hard Wood) Core: 100% Eco Friendly, High Density ?Hardwood Film: Phenolic 125gsm DYNEA, Finland (Brown) Glue: WBP/M...
From: India (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Teak logs
Hello, I am a commercial representative from Novelteak, the largest teak producer in Costa Rica. I appreciate if you can contact me with your specifi...
From: Costa Rica (4/6/2024)
[Sell]: Wooden Doors & Timber Products from Indonesia
Hello Valued Customers,  We are the manufacturer and Exporter for Wooden Doors & Timber (Wood) Products.  Best quality and prices...
From: Indonesia (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Clear Cedar 1x6 A&Better
I own & operate a western red cedar company based out of Ontario,Canada.We wan to wholesale clear cedar lumber. Now I have on hand approximately...
From: Canada (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Southern Yellow Pine
We are exporter of Southern Yellow Pine. We have established an efficient and reliable distribution network to satisfy the growing international dema...
From: United States (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Pallet wood from Latvia
Here is your reliable supplier of pallets or pallet timber  Do not hesitate to contact me for your needs  Whatsapp: +37124429179&n...
From: Latvia (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Laminated fj Rubber Wood Stairs case from Indonesia
Hello Everyone,  We are the manufacturer for supplying you Laminating Finger jointed Rubber Wood board for raw materials for:  Sta...
From: Indonesia (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Steamed Beech Veneer
We offer the following stock of Steamed beech veneer AB grade, shorts, door length and panel length. Crowns and quarters. Quantity appr...
From: Spain (4/5/2024)
[Sell]: Softwood Kiln Dried lumber supply for export from Russia
Russian Lumber Co. is offering softwood kiln dried lumber:  Spruce (Whitewood): 22/47/75x100/125/150/175/200x3000-6000mm Pine (Redwood)...
From: Russia (4/4/2024)
[Sell]: Supplying Wooden Doors from Indonesia
Hello Our Valued Customers,  We are the manufacturer wooden doors, Our Factory from Indonesia  We can make the perfect doors...
From: Indonesia (4/4/2024)
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