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[Buy]: Furniture business Inquiry
We are seeking new furniture suppliers for USA based company that imports over 3,000 containers per year. Please reach out to --- -- ---...
From: United States (5/5/2022)
[Buy]: Guitars
Hello I'm trying to start my own guitar company with my designs but I'm not a luthier. So I'm trying to find a company to produce guitars for me so I...
From: United States (5/2/2022)
[Buy]: Engineered hardwood floors
we are ordering engineered hardwood floors to Canada market Please send us your product information . best regards...
From: Canada (4/29/2022)
[Buy]: OSB, tsca particleboard or tsca mdf
We are looking for containers quantity for our factory in Toluca outside Mexico City. Do you sell any of these types of board? Osb  TSCA Tit...
From: United States (4/29/2022)
[Buy]: Vee Staples
We are looking for a supply of framing equipment - Vee staples, especially the 4-5 mm. Do you have a distributor in the US? Can I purchase directly...
From: United States (4/26/2022)
[Buy]: Siamese Rosewood
I'm interested in finding Siamese Rosewood billets 1.75" sq - 3.5"sq. X 15"-22" long do you stock any of this fine Rosewood...
From: United States (4/25/2022)
[Buy]: Wood Chips
Looking for suppliers of Wood Chips To China. Wood chips1: 20,000mt to 50,000mt For paper making - usually called Virgin Pulp and is a high...
From: United States (4/24/2022)
[Buy]: Cat Scratcher
Looking for a supplier of cat scratcher....
From: United States (4/18/2022)
From: United States (4/17/2022)
[Buy]: Paulownia board
How much would it cost to get 6.69 square meters of paulownia board 25 mm thick and get it shipped to the US. ...
From: United States (4/16/2022)
[Buy]: Pine timber
I need pine timber for exporting to Korea.  Made in a square shape (30x30x3600 mm). First order to be for 40" container.  For more details p...
From: Canada (4/11/2022)
[Buy]: New construction
Looking to get a module home outside of Naples  Please let me know if is some that can be done  Thank you    ...
From: United States (4/11/2022)
[Buy]: Raintree squares
Looking for saman raintree squares. Please advise How much is available? How many containers? What is the total cost? ...
From: United States (4/9/2022)
[Buy]: Lignum Vitae board lumber
Looking for small quantities of Lignum Vitae board lumber....
From: United States (4/8/2022)
I would like you to quote me your following product: FOB Value PLYWOOD BOARDS size: 1220x2440x17mm I appreciate if you can help m...
From: United States (4/5/2022)
[Buy]: Beech KD lumber
We are distributors of KD HARDWOODS & SOFTWOODS We are looking for Beech KD LUMBER SUPPLY. 10 container per month Preferably cut in sq...
From: Mexico (4/4/2022)
[Buy]: Poplar Core Pelling Veneer
Kindly advise your quotation for  Poplar Core Pelling Veneer  Grade ; A,B and C Thickness : 1.2mm & 1.7mm Length xWidth : 125x125...
From: United States (4/3/2022)
[Buy]: Chapman Guitar Body Replacement
I'm looking for some assistance in locating a replacement body for my 2021 Chapman ML1 Pro Hybrid in Phoenix Red. Unfortunately, it was dropped and no...
From: Canada (4/1/2022)
[Buy]: European Spruce and Pine
Dear Sirs, My company imports wood products to the USA, East Coast Ports. We have customers with particular interest in European Spruce and Pine...
From: United States (3/31/2022)
[Buy]: Birch floor
We are a US based flooring factory and are looking for a new substrate supplier fom China.  Does your company produce all birch floor substrates?...
From: United States (3/30/2022)
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